Mark Mulcahy

Mark, thanks for coming to the UK! It was a pleasure to see Miracle Legion at Green Man. Discovering Miracle Legion was my highlight of the festival. and thank you so much for stopping to let me say hello and get a photo of me and my sister with you and Ray. I told you I'd only recently discovered Miracle Legion having somehow missed you through the 80s and 90s when I know I would have loved your music if I'd only known about it. You said "It's never too late". So now I've bought most of the music I can get hold of on CD and Miracle Legion is my new favourite band. I feel like I found buried treasure. I hope you stay together as a band for a long while to come, and get some more of the recognition you deserve. I'm sure you won over a lot of new fans on your recent UK tour. Will you tour again next year perhaps? My local festival is Truck festival near Oxford (, and I'm sure they'd love to have you play!
Mark Flattery

Mark Mulcahy responded on 01/07/2018

Hi Mark, I had a wonderful time GM. Loved it. I'm really happy you've found ML. Not to be cheeky, but just in case you might like the music ,I have several solo records. Maybe you already know.Hope yer doing well. MM

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