Mark Mulcahy


You are truly an inspiration to me, your voice and music calls to my ears and your love for your music and art really is amazing. Despite the battles you’ve had with your musical life, your music is like none other. I truly am happy I stumbled upon Miracle Legion/Polaris/Mulcahy....I now know how to play Mr. Mingo and the heart is attached. And I’m continuing until I learn the majority of your songs. I hope to meet you at least once in my life, if you guys are touring California or anywhere in the U.S. nearby I’ll definitely be there to shake yours and Ray’s hand.
My love and heart go out to you and Miracle Legion. Thank you so much for enduring and producing music that I will never forget for the rest of my time on this spinning rock we call home.

May you continue on your path and attain happiness in what you do Sir.

-Eduardo M.

Mark Mulcahy responded on 03/15/2021

Dear Eduardo,
Thank you for writing such a lovely letter. ML is dear to my heart and I'm glad to know we are so meaning ful to you and hopefully some others. Maybe we will be back in California someday. Nothing would be better. All the love to you,

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